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Ronnic - Day 4

Day 4, salvage ship The Wretched. Flight Engineer Ronnic reporting. The proximity alarms on the ship are keeping me up at night as the creature continues to walk around the outside of the ship, trying to find a way in. I’ve disabled them, and I doubt I will need them. What could be worse than the creature that is already out there?

I also found some sort of black, tar-like substance in one of the rooms today. I think it’s the creature’s blood from when it got inside the ship and attacked the crew. I took a sample and noticed that the substance seemed to be shifting around when I would approach certain rooms or machinery. Is it some sort of ferrofluid? How would that benefit a living creature?

This is Ronnic, signing off.

Ronnic - Day 3

Day 3, salvage ship The Wretched. Flight Engineer Ronnic reporting. I awoke to an awful small, a smell that indicated something was wrong with the septic system. The sewage silo had been punctured, either by the creature or by a stray bullet, and it was leaking into the ship. I was able to weld some scrap metal onto the damaged panel, and the smell has begun to dissipate.

I also spent some time today trying to repair the engines. If I can get them going again, I can work on getting myself home. While I was working, one of the engines caught on fire, and many of the electrical components melted. There was nothing I could do but jettison the engine out into space.

As I sit in the bridge and look at all of the monitoring systems, they’re all empty. I knew I was likely alone, but the reality sank in today. I will need to come to terms with the idea that I’m not making it home, and I only have myself, and that creature, to talk to. The loneliness gave me a lot of time to think today, and that just led to thoughts of the last encounter with the creature, when I was able to successfully eject it out of the airlock. Something jammed on the outside of the ship and I was never able to fully close the airlock. Every once in a while, I’ll hear tapping, scratching, and banging on the door as the creature tries to get back in. The door won’t hold forever, so I’ve begun trying to barricade it as much as I can. I’ve raided most of the crew quarters and moved the beds and dressers. It won’t help, though. Once that door is breached, the vacuum of space will suck all of the air out. My only hope is that my barricade will manage to create a seal strong enough to keep me alive. Hopefully I can…wait…what’s that sound? It sounds like the comms system. I can’t make out what they’re saying. Maybe I can send some sort of message!

Despite all of my efforts, I wasn’t able to send anything before the comms system cut out again. I thought I had finally adjusted enough of the settings to make out what was being said, but all I heard was “Wretched” and “Lost.” Maybe they were looking for me.

Periodically, I hear the creature move around the outside of the ship. I can hear its claws pierce the hull of the ship as it moves. Luckily, the damage isn’t deep enough to cause me any problems…yet.

This is Ronnic, signing off.

Ronnic - Day 2

Day 2, salvage ship The Wretched. Flight Engineer Ronnic reporting. A large portion of my grains and fruits have spoiled. A power blip caused the climate control the shut down, and the failsafe malfunctioned. I do not know how long it was down before I noticed, but it was likely overnight. The food is covered in mold and is irrecoverable. I should have noticed it yesterday but I was too busy dealing with that invader. I guess it’s freeze-dried rations from here on out; hopefully I can last long enough to be rescued.

This is Ronnic, signing off.

Ronnic - Day 1

Day 1, salvage ship The Wretched. Flight Engineer Ronnic reporting. The o ther members of the crew are dead and the engines remain non-operational, though ship integrity remains good and life support systems are still active. I successfully jettisoned the intruder from the airlock, but it remains alive and continues to try to access the ship. With a little luck I can repair the distress beacon and sombody will pick me up. This is Ronnic, the last survivor of The Wretched, signing off.