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Session 1


In your blood-hunger, you destroy someone close to you. Kill a mortal Character. Take the skill Bloodthirsty.


After returning from our latest raid on England, I find that I have new…urges. I fight them as long as I can, often going to the surrounding areas and feeding on the blood of deer or squirrels. One day, Geir follows me catches me off-guard. We get into an argument, and in my hunger I attack him. The sensation is incredible, but my best friend is now dead. I leave his body in the woods away from our village so that it cannot be found, and I carve another notch into my axe when I get home.


  • Killed Geir
  • Gained Bloodthirsty


You are exposed and flee to a neighboring region. A mortal flees with you. What new name do you adopt among these strangers?


A week after killing Geir, one of our hunters finds his body. One of my rings had fallen beside the body and they are able to identify me as the monster behind the terrible act. I need to flee and Hege wishes to come with me, but she is still pregnant and it is too dangerous. My son, Elof, insists on joining me on my new adventure, however, so he says goodbye to his mother and we find ourselves on a small boat. We land in a country we learn is named France, and I have adopted a new name: Aloïs.


  • Created Elof
  • Checked Farming


New laws or social mores make it harder for you to hide among the populace. How are you nearly caught and destroyed?


I begin my new life in France by blending into the upper-class. I serve as a personal guard to one of the local nobles, and am rewarded handsomiely for my efforts. However, this upper-class lifestyle requires more form-fitting clothing and while protecting my employer, the sharp edge of the broken blade in my chest tears through my shirt. My employer see the wound and understands that I should not have survived whatever it was that caused it. He looks horrified. I am arrested shortly after and am scheduled for execution via the Wheel. Just before my sentence is passed, a man, Henri, manages to break me out of my cell.


  • Eirik has died of old age
  • Created Henri
  • Checked Close combat
  • Gained Thievery


Two friendly Characters become embroiled in an internecine conflict. How do you profit?


Henri was never one to work alone, he worked with The Syndicate, a large group of like-minded thieves and scoundrels. Both Elof and I join after Henri saved my life, and it helps us put food on the table. Elof is now old enough to learn the tricks of our trade, and he performs well. Henri and his right-hand man, Alexandre, get into a large argument over how the group should be run. The group splinters; I stay with Henri and other loyal members.


  • Created Alexandre
  • Gained The Syndicate


You are trapped outside when the sun rises and take shelter some place you are not supposed to be. A child discovers and befriends you.


Henri continues to push us to find bigger targets. I spent far too long tailing mine last night, and the sun began to rise before I even realized how long it had been. I took cover in the first place I could find: an orphanage. A small child approached me, seemingly thinking I was dehydrated. I can understand the confusion as my lips were cracked, my eyes appearing sunken after the brief exposure to the light. She offered me her cup of water despite not knowing where she might get her next drink.


  • Created Esme

Einar Eirikson



  • Eirik, my aging father.
  • Geir, my friend and neighbor.
  • Hege, my wife and mother of our two chilren.
  • Elof Einarson, my son.
  • Henri, a criminal in France who teaches me the ins and outs of thievery.
  • Alexandre, former right-hand man of Henri.
  • Esme, an orphan child.


  • Wulfnoð Claytone, general of the English army.


  • ✓ Close combat
  • ✓ Farming
  • Mead brewing
  • Bloodthirsty
  • Thievery


  • A steel axe
  • A necklace with a pendant containg the ear (earth) rune
  • A small wooden figure, carved by my son
  • The Syndicate



  • I am Einar Eirikson, son of Eirik Asgerson, born in Hornstrandir in the 9th century; I am a poor farmer, relying on raids to boost my influence and provide for my family.


  • After Geir and I go on our first raid, I carve a notch in my axe’s handle for each foe slain.
  • I kill Geir and hide his body; I will not forget him.
  • I side with Henri when The Syndicate fractures; we become good friends.


  • Eirik, my father, teaches me the family recipe for mead; I get my first taste and it is foul.
  • A small child finds me hiding from the sun and offers me his small cup of water.


  • Hege and I are out tending to our fields when she goes into labor and gifts me with a son.
  • I flee the village with my son, leaving Hege behind.


  • I chase Wolfnoð into the forests around the battlefield after he wounds Geir; Wolfnoð surprises me and stabs me through the chest, though I do not die.
  • I am almost killed in France, though I am saved by Henri.


Part of Wulfnoð’s blade remains embedded in my chest. I wear loose-fitting clothing to hide it as best as I can.