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Einar Eirikson



  • Eirik, my aging father.
  • Geir, my friend and neighbor.
  • Hege, my wife and mother of our two chilren.
  • Elof Einarson, my son.
  • Henri, a criminal in France who teaches me the ins and outs of thievery.
  • Alexandre, former right-hand man of Henri.
  • Esme, an orphan child.


  • Wulfnoð Claytone, general of the English army.


  • ✓ Close combat
  • ✓ Farming
  • Mead brewing
  • Bloodthirsty
  • Thievery


  • A steel axe
  • A necklace with a pendant containg the ear (earth) rune
  • A small wooden figure, carved by my son
  • The Syndicate



  • I am Einar Eirikson, son of Eirik Asgerson, born in Hornstrandir in the 9th century; I am a poor farmer, relying on raids to boost my influence and provide for my family.


  • After Geir and I go on our first raid, I carve a notch in my axe’s handle for each foe slain.
  • I kill Geir and hide his body; I will not forget him.
  • I side with Henri when The Syndicate fractures; we become good friends.


  • Eirik, my father, teaches me the family recipe for mead; I get my first taste and it is foul.
  • A small child finds me hiding from the sun and offers me his small cup of water.


  • Hege and I are out tending to our fields when she goes into labor and gifts me with a son.
  • I flee the village with my son, leaving Hege behind.


  • I chase Wolfnoð into the forests around the battlefield after he wounds Geir; Wolfnoð surprises me and stabs me through the chest, though I do not die.
  • I am almost killed in France, though I am saved by Henri.


Part of Wulfnoð’s blade remains embedded in my chest. I wear loose-fitting clothing to hide it as best as I can.